Why BIMMY's?

If you are looking for better choices…the best selection of breads, matched with quality meats, fresh vegetables and condiments... you’ll love what we have to offer. We deliver our premium sandwiches daily to hundreds of foodservice organization, including: retail, institutional and wholesale culinary markets throughout the New York area. Our guarantee is in quality and our commitment is in your total satisfaction. Hear what people are saying:

Before experiencing BIMMY's, the best prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich I ever had came from a little town in Sicily. BIMMY's beat it – hands down!

Grazie per tutto, BIMMY's!
- Ron [CT]

Duane Reade in Penn Station, NYC, recently renovated the store and put your foods in a refrigerated display. I just wanted to tell you that your selection is incredible and your food is delicious. I am addicted to the apple cranberry tuna sandwich [had about 7 of them] which is wonderfully fresh and the lettuce is so cold and crisp. The salads are a very good selection and I have gotten a co-working to try them. Her favorite is the Caesar Salad.

I just wanted to say keep up the good work and with all the food places that there are to select from in NYC, yours is by far more superior.

- Elaine [NYC]

I just bought the Grilled Veggie Salad w/Balsamic Vinaigrette in NY and it was the best salad I had in a long time, and at a good price [besides the one I make in my kitchen, sorry I have to say that because I put "LOVE" in my food too]. The grilled veggies were so fresh and perfectly done. All veggie salad combinations were so perfect, healthy and very tasty.

You are right by saying "Food Made With Love". I felt the LOVE. I wanted to say to all of you at BIMMY's, thank you for putting LOVE in your food.

- Mihaela [NYC]

I had the pleasure of meeting you [Elliot] and want to say – OMG! The Roasted Turkey with Roasted Apples and Dijon Mustard was the best sandwich I ever had – it was out of this world! In addition, you are THE man behind BIMMY's as you are a true reflection of the BIMMY's philosophy.

Tell me when you open a location in Connecticut! Look forward to hearing from you soon.

- Anthony [CT]

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