Meet Mr. BIMMY

Hi - my name is Elliot Fread, founder and owner of BIMMY’s – Food made with Love.

“Food made with Love” is more than our slogan. It’s our working philosophy and way of life at BIMMY’s. However, through the years it did stir some curiosity…so how did it come about? People always asked me, “why does your food taste so good?” When I tell them the secret ingredient is "Love", they look at me a little funny. Then, I explain that we use the freshest, best quality ingredients, craft our food with care and provide service from the heart. In addition, during the most influential time of my life I volunteered to serve and help Native Americans. At that point of my life I learned the wonderful life teachings from the Native American culture. “Its simple”, they would say, “take care of the Earth we live on, treat people the way you want to be treated, leave the space you’re visiting better than the way you found it, and be grateful.” It is from these teachings that BIMMY’s business philosophy was created and the slogan is something we live by, here at BIMMY’s.

Creating fabulous food is in my genes. I’m a third generation chef and entrepreneur in the food business. My Grandpa was one of the first celebrity chefs in Canada. In 1953, he hosted a television cooking show called, “Hans in the Kitchen” A career in food was always in my future. When I was 10 years old, living in Brooklyn, my father taught me how to make crepes. Soon I was earning extra money flipping crepes at neighborhood parties. In later years, my crepe expertise evolved into a rolled sandwich that I called a “BIMMY” – which happened to be the first wrap on the New York scene.

Following my entrepreneurial drive, I opened my first BIMMY’s in the West Village. Due to the company’s success, BIMMY’s moved to a bigger and better space in Chelsea and eventually to our current home in Long Island City, where we built a custom 13,000 square foot kitchen to produce our famous premium sandwiches, wraps, salads, ready-to-eat meals, pastas, couscous, specialty desserts and healthy choice foods.

Now that you know a little about me, you might be asking yourself, where did the name BIMMY come from? As a teenager, holding down a summer job at a well-known Catskills resort, the manager continually called out to the staff… “Hey BIMMY, go get this, hey BIMMY, go get that” – which we did, grateful for a paying job. From that point on the name BIMMY stuck! All of our customers and the folks in the neighborhood still affectionately call me “Mr. BIMMY”. And food critics still tell us “it’s the best wrap around”!


Elliot Fread
President / Founder


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